Healthy food & lifestyle for our youth

Ever find yourselves sitting at work, fidgeting while trying to fight off the annoying thought that your children might be eating unhealthy at school? Worry no more. The Slices team is here to ensure your kids develop and sustain impressive eating habits that are bound to make them healthier and stronger individuals.

Medical research in the United States and the United Kingdom around the topics of nutritional and developmental science has shown that children who are exposed to a healthy lifestyle —including healthy food from an early age — are more likely to blossom into healthy adults. Slices is convinced that offering well-balanced meals and educating the children on the benefits of a wholesome diet promote children’s overall well-being. This is not limited to their physical well-being, but also their mood, concentration skills, and energy levels, which will all be boosted.

“The early years are when you give your child a foundation for establishing a proper diet. If kids learn about the importance of eating healthy early in their lives, they will not have to relearn as an adult.” ~ Nicole Henderson

Beyond just healthy food


Slices recognizes the children’s ability to learn is affected by their health & well-being, & that these are in turn affected by such factors as exercise & most importantly the nutrition from the food they eat.


Slices provides learning through exposure to healthy meals to assist teachers as they plan & implement sustainable ways to promote healthy eating habits.


Slices designs ideas & strategies to help the schools make the change & discover innovative solutions to the challenges of creating fresh, healthy & balanced school meals.



What others have to say about us.

“Salim was never interested in vegetables, particularly broccoli. We always struggled to feed him a healthy balanced meal. With lunches provided by the Slices team, Salim began taking a gradual liking to veggies. We couldn’t be happier.”


Salim Abdulla


“Ensuring that our students have easy access to fresh, nutritious, balanced meals is a high priority for us at Cranleigh. We are delighted to see that the majority of our students now eat their meals on campus and do not bring lunch boxes in.”

Brendan Law

Headmaster, Cranleigh Abu Dhabi

“Slices chefs taught us how to make delicious, healthy oatmeal cookies. I went home on the same day and made some more for my mom and dad.”

Barto Urda

Abu Dhabi

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